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Pre-school Service

Child Care Service  Please click here for details information.

Provided by Social Welfare Department.

Child Care Centre
Provides care and education services to children below the age of 3 years.

Kindergarten-cum-Child Care Centre
Provides care and education services to children below the age of 6 years.

Occasional Child Care Service
Provides full-day, half-day or two-hour sessions in some child care centres for children whose carers are unable to take care of them occasionally due to various commitments or sudden engagements.  

Extended Hours Service
provides in some child care centres to meet the social needs of families and working parents who need longer hours of child care assistance.

Neighbourhood Support Child Care Project
Provides flexible form of child care service for children aged under 6, and promotes community participation and mutual help in the neighbourhood.

Mutual Help Child Care Centre
Aims at promoting mutual help on child care within the neighbourhood,

Kindergarten Education Please click here for details information.
Kindergartens, which are registered with the Education Bureau, provide services for children from three to six years old. At present, most kindergartens operate on a half-day basis and some kindergartens offer whole-day classes.

Comprehensive Child Development Service Please click here for details information.
CCDS provides support to pregnant women, mothers, children and families in need. It consists of four main components to promptly identify and manage:
I. at-risk pregnant women;
II. mothers with postnatal depression;
III. children and families with psychosocial needs; and
IV. pre-primary children with physical, developmental, and behavioural problems.




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