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Services for Youth at Risk


Outreaching Social Work Service
Starting from September 2002, the existing Outreaching Social Work Teams will be restructured to form 16 District Youth Outreaching Teams to reach out young people aged between 6 to 24 who are vulnerable to undesirable influences and provide counseling and guidance.

Overnight Outreaching Services for  Young Night Drifters(YNDs)
The service teams are attached to 18 designated Integrated Children and Youth Services Centres.  Services are provided for young night drifters or youth at risks. The general operating hours are from 10:00  at night to 6:00 in the morning.

Community Support Service Scheme (CSSS)
CSSS is designed for young persons under the Police Superintendents' Discretion Scheme.  Individual and group counseling, employment service, counseling on further study, as well as activities to facilitate personal growth will be provided. The five CSSSs are attached to 5 Integrated Children and Youth Services Centres.


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